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Are you just starting out and want to get started right?

Have you been in business a while and not sure how to get your team working together?

Are you missing opportunities due to overwhelm?

Have you been dreaming about time off for the last 5 years?

Are you afraid to take a vacation because you know that when you get back everything will be a mess?

Do you want to succeed bigger but you just don’t know what to do next?

4 out of 5 businesses are struggling today because their leaders are running ‘busy’ businesses instead of profitable ones.

So what’s stalling you?

  • You are trying to get a business off the ground but can’t get all of the pieces to fit.
  • You started with an idea and now have no notion what to do because it’s a success – you created a business.
  • Your business is stalled because the team you have has no idea how to move forward.
  • Your business is stale because you’re selling what you want rather than solving what your ideal customer wants solved.
  • Your team contacts you about every little thing. Even when you give them direction, they still call you with questions constantly, making you micro-manage them to death.
  • You have staff members who aren’t working out but they have been in their roles so long, the business has shaped itself around them, or no one else really understands what they do.
  • You haven’t taken time out for yourself in… well, you really don’t know how long and you could use a vacation.
  • You aren’t loving getting out of bed to run this business.

You’ve outgrown your ‘know how’ and want to take yourself and your business to the next level.

BBDCompass1The Business Breakthrough System and The Breakthrough Entrepreneurial Compass are the answer.

Linda offers you a system that is designed with all of her years of experience, the best business practices, and a proven record of success with clients everywhere.

“I’ve been able to use her Time Mastery system and it has given me back 3 hours a day to focus on creating high payoff results. I couldn’t be more pleased.” – David A. San Diego

“I just got off of a 1 on 1 coaching session with Linda and she gave me a really easy-to-implement idea that’s going to add at least $120,000 to my bottom line this year.” – Maritza Parra – Click And Grow Rich . com

“Thank you so much! You continue to enable us to discover new insights each time you facilitate one of our coaching sessions, meetings or retreats.” – Ora Goldman – President, Mekorma Software Solutions

For over 20 years, Linda Feinholz has helped businesses clarify their vision, create a High Payoff plan, design simple, powerful systems and delegate what needs to get done so they can grow their business further, faster, easier.

And Linda can help you!

Her Business Breakthrough System is straightforward and logical. It will take work and it’s not for those who are just dabbling in running a business. But, it will set you up for success – long-term, self-sustaining success.

Ready To Get Your Focus Off Your Breakdowns and
Onto Your RESULTS?

The Business Breakthrough System is logical enough for you to put together on your own, share with your team, take yourself and your business to its next level. It’s the roadmap that steers all your efforts and keeps them on focus to achieving your Vision and Goals for your business and your life.

Based on your needs, your goals and your economic situation, you can choose the level of interaction that you would like. Each level of interaction will let you move through the steps of the system and make it …

YOUR Business Breakthrough System

Linda Feinholz’s Business Breakthrough System allows you four levels of interaction:

The Book:

Buy a copy of Breakthrough: The Success Guide For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

This book will show you the basics of the Business Breakthrough System and allow you to reshape your thinking and begin making the changes that you need to move forward.

Release Price: $27.95 USD (free shipping from AMAZON)
Click here for the hardcover version

Click here for the Kindle version: $9.99 per copy

Click this button for the downloadable PDF version: $9.99 per copy

“Your book is fantastic, Linda. I’m using it with one of my clients as we redesign his business.” Stan D. Los Angeles

If you know you learn and implement best with specific direction, then it’s time for the step-by-step breakthrough curriculum:


The 90-Day Breakthrough Blueprint Package:

Do you have a new project or program or service you want to offer to your Ideal Clients?

You’ll receive step-by-step direction, delivered to your on your computer so you can use it at your own pace.

Each module will be brought directly to your desktop – given to you at a rate that lets you absorb and implement without distractions. You and your entire team will

  • Move step-by-step through each stage of the Blueprint through exercises, check lists and templates.
  • Have the ability to comment and share what you have learned… and to learn from other participants.
  • Get your individual questions answered in a format that lets you rapid-access the information.
  • Have email access to Linda on a periodic basis to have your personal questions answered.
  • Get yourself from ‘idea’ to ‘implemented’ in 90-days.

$797 today and you’ll be on your way: Click Here To Get Started!


The VIP Private Package:

The VIP Private Package is simple in its power – It begins in person: a half-day intensive work session one-on-one at Linda’s location followed for 90-days by private phone conversations each week to keep your momentum going.

  • Stripping away the confusion that has you stalled.
  • Working directly with you on the mission critical challenges where you need breakthroughs right now.
  • Creating a roadmap to keep you on track and accountable so you stay on focus – you and your entire team.

Linda as your business consultant and advisor for 90-days to ensure you stay focused as you make it happen.

Your choice: Single payment of $2,400 or two payments of $1,400
Click Here To Get Started!

The Breakthrough2Profits Program:

Do you want to systematically scrub through your entire business and clear out what’s been distracting you and your team so you get your business back on course? And do it at a measured pace, step-by-step, so you implement it so it fits just right for your business, your experience, your Ideal Clients?

This Year-Long Package adds increased interaction. As well as The Business Breakthrough System delivered to your desktop that allows you to work through the modules at your own pace, you get:

Group training with Linda

  • Work with Linda at a conference – learning the Business Breakthrough System directly from Linda
  • Interactive group work – Mastermind problem solving for your business concerns
  • Exclusive conference materials – Materials available only to conference attendees

You’ll also have telephone access to customize the information – Scheduled telephone intensives designed to get your questions answered by Linda.

You and your team will:

  • Learn each stage of the Business Breakthrough System through exercises, interactive exercises, follow-up tasks.
  • Have the ability to comment and share what you have learned… and to learn from other participants.
  • Have email access to Linda on a periodic basis to have your personal questions answered.

Your choice: Single payment of $10,000 or two payments of $6,000:

Click Here To Get Started!

The Breakthrough Private Mentoring Package:

This Package is simple in its power – Customized support from Linda as your business consultant and advisor for as long as you need her.

  • Linda, one-on-one in scheduled phone meetings, one intensive call dealing with a host of issues, or single-topic 1/2 hours 3-times a month, bringing all of the tools of her Business Breakthrough System to you and your team
  • Linda working directly with you and your team on the mission critical challenges where you need breakthroughs right now – the mindset shifts, the tools and techniques you need to take your business to it’s next level
  • SOS support when the unexpected crops up.

As needed access to Linda – contact Linda via email or telephone as needed to get your business to the place you need it to be.

If you have a complete business redesign challenge, as an option, you can fly Linda to you, to work with you and your entire team together to get everyone’s attention refocused on what needs to happen next.

Your Payment Choices: $1,000 monthly or $7,500 for the year: Click Here To Get Started!


The Business Breakthrough System Goals:

  • Get you focused on your High Payoff activities
  • Get your Ideal Clients clamoring to work with you
  • Get smooth-running systems in place
  • Get your entire team focused on the work that will achieve your Vision and Goals
  • Get your business back to profitable and fun!

The basic elements of The Business Breakthrough System are easy to understand, and straight forward to implement. They can be simple or complex to meet your needs, depending on the complexity of the business and situation that you are in.

YOU are unique and how you prefer to learn and make changes is unique as well. That’s why Linda provides you with so many different ways to interact and levels of work together with with the system and with her for you to select now.

These are the basics steps to The Business Breakthrough System:

Phase One: Define

Phase One is the foundation of your entire business – defining the Vision and Goals that focus all your efforts.

Whether you are not yet open for business or you have been in business for years, without a clear and comprehensive vision of your business, and your critical goals, you will flounder.


Phase Two: Design

Phase Two is all about designing your path to profitability – designing a business that pulls clients to you for the solutions you deliver.

During Phase Two, we will analyze your visions for your business. From those visions we will begin to build a profitable business model that matches your expertise and experience to the needs of your ideal customer.

This stage will begin the formal groundwork for your business plan. What will you be offering, who is your ideal buyer, how will you find them or they find you, and how will you deliver such perfect solutions that they are clamoring to buy from you.

Phase Three: Deploy

Phase Three is where we to create the systems that are sustainable and permanent – client-facing, operations and admin – all done with excellence no matter who is doing the work.

During Phase Three, we design a series of systems that will flawlessly execute your vision. At the beginning of most businesses, there is a “cult of personality” where roles are created to fit abilities and needs of the people who are there. We will create systems and find the right people to fill the positions created.

It’s not about being impersonal. It’s about creating a company where the “machine” will run itself without your close supervision. This will allow you to relax, knowing that you have created the path that your people will be walking.

Phase Four: Delegate

During Phase Four, we will stabilize your business by putting the right team in place – a high performance team that lift your business to the next level.

All too often business owners keep busy work clogging their calendar and distracting their attention. Reasons for it include uncertainty about what to delegate, how to get the right person for the tasks, how to define what needs to be done and to course correct if it’s not quite perfect. Your goal isn’t to grab the first person who comes along. We guide you to determine exactly what needs doing, what experience and expertise are needed to do it well and add value to your business, and how to locate the right resource to get it done.

That means you get to focus your time and attention on the High Payoff activities that need it.

The Final Piece: Develop

The last diamond in your Business Breakthrough System is developing YOU – the foundation for everything that takes place in your business.

During Phase Five, we will prepare you, your team and your new systems for designing and guiding change.

Change is inevitable. The market changes, people leave, there is a day of bad weather. And your very SUCCESS triggers change as well. Change is the only constant in life.

Building the skills, designing the systems, and creating the checks and balances, you will be able to develop your sales and your team without worry that not managing the day to day won’t cause you company to fall apart.

Your new skills and tools will prevent you from getting stuck at the same roadblocks you used to, to overcome news ones you might discover, and to allow you to grow your business indefinitely.

At this point, your people know what they are doing, the systems are in place to handle challenges, and you can finally TAKE A VACATION.

That’s the Business Breakthrough System

Still not sure what approach is best for you?

Use the contact page to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Linda. We can discuss your particular situation and talk about ways that she can help you Grow Your Business Further, Faster, Easier.