All too often people leave the retreats and seminars

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pumped up full of enthusiasm and a sensation of expansion and possibility. It’s often someone else’s vision, not yours, that you hold. AND there is no true desire for it so no goals are set and acted upon. Six months later? Perhaps you’ve got insights and know how, but no measurable difference in your life.

So, deep inside the anxiety and churn continues.

Outside, the overwhelm and stall out and frustration that you’re not making any headway keeps chewing at you.

What’s missing in many of development programs, even if you uncover your own personal Vision, is the action of turning the Vision into real world practical observable Goals.

For the lack of a goal no plan is made …

For the lack of a plan no action is taken …

For the lack of action no result is made …

So no Vision makes it out from behind the habits of our thoughts and behavior into the world.

To create the conditions that create Breakthrough Results, after we craft a Vision that inspires us AND share it with others so they can be inspired and support our achieving it…

It’s time to turn it into a list of real world steps we’ll take to move from where we are today towards that specific Vision.

That means making the commitment to converting Visions into Goals so that you’ll follow through in action: doing what ever it takes to find the information, tools, resources and relationships that will break through the fog that keeps us stuck in “How Things Work Now.”

Into the light of “How We’ll Get Things Done NEW.”

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