Building Successful Results

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Any one idea or sentence can produce “Ah Ha!”s  you’ve been waiting for… if you let them in, let yourself perceive them.

The bottom line is that your building successful results on the spark effect of your Breakthroughs depends on you installing new habits, having the new ideas, taking new actions and repeating the cycle again and again.

The purpose of the book, Breakthrough, (you’ll find it at is two-fold: to trigger those thoughts for you – to create the first key, the conditions for your Breakthroughs; and to apply those Breakthroughs to the 5 Core Breakdowns I see most often:

  1. Your Team is “busy,” but the business is inefficient, ineffective, unprofitable… because they are missing a clear Vision and Goals to anchor all their decisions and activities
  2. You’re “selling” but your ideal customer isn’t buying… because you’re more devoted to selling what you want them to buy rather than solutions to what they want solved.
  3. Activities that should be reliable and repeatable need too much attention… because you’re missing systems that would get it all done with excellence no matter who does it.
  4. You’re spending too much time training nice smart new hires… because you aren’t hiring the highest level of skills and experience which is available and could take your business up to the next level.
  5. You’re using habitual attitudes and ways of viewing the world, making-decisions, leading and managing… because you don’t have fresh ideas, independent support, unbiased feedback and access to new tools and skills so that you can take yourself to your next level.

Which one are you facing?

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