as she sampled their beds and bowls of porridge? She knew “just right” when she experienced it.


Your starting point is

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to actually ASK your customers and prospects what they need solved, why it’s so important to them, and what is the impact that having it solved will make on their business and their lives. ~Linda Feinholz


the reason people buy the products or services you offer, the actual product or service itself.

The product or service, and what that product or service does for your customer needs to be based not on what you “know” they ought to have, but on what you “know they know” they want.

If you are trying to sell your customers and prospects products and services because you ‘already know’ a solution you’re still missing the mark.

Remember, the odds are good that your customers and prospects can buy very similar products or services from any one of several of your competitors.

Your advantage therefore needs to come from another source – from your customers themselves.


They’ll hold out their hand and say

by Linda Feinholz July 12, 2012

“I’ve been looking for YOU!” and you’ll add an extra “0” to the revenue you bring in by matching your solutions to their unspoken dreams. ~Linda Feinholz

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In today’s tough,

by Linda Feinholz July 5, 2012

competitive market, it’s difficult to compete on price or product. Even in the new technology arena. ~Linda Feinholz

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You see chances are

by Linda Feinholz June 28, 2012

good that your customers and prospects can buy the same product or service (or at least comparable ones) from any one of several of your competitors.  ~Linda Feinholz

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May I let you in on a secret?

by Linda Feinholz June 25, 2012

It’s not “all about you.” Your business profitability depends entirely on your matching the Vision your ideal clients hold for the thing they want solved AND who they believe can solve it. Most people in ‘business’ are selling the product or service they personally crave seeing out there in the world. Those entrepreneurs and business […]

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Your business

by Linda Feinholz June 21, 2012

profitability depends entirely on your matching the Vision…….~Linda Feinholz

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With your Goals in mind

by Linda Feinholz June 14, 2012

you can start designing the business model that will achieve them.  ~Linda Feinholz

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The next time,

by Linda Feinholz June 11, 2012

set a little higher goal. Not much higher, just a little higher. Again, select goals that you know you can achieve. And ones that will build your confidence that much more. The next step is to make your goals Time-bound. That is, you should set a time limit for their attainment and for the periods […]

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