A clear Vision

by Linda Feinholz May 17, 2012

that inspires you daily, gets you out of bed enthusiastically, is a critical Building Block. ~Linda Feinholz

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The more you serve

by Linda Feinholz May 10, 2012

your customers, and help them satisfy their goals, the more you will prosper. ~ Linda Feinholz

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Vision, ideas and strategies alone,

by Linda Feinholz May 3, 2012

won’t create results. You’ve got to take action on them, if you expect anything different than what you’re currently getting. ~Linda Feinholz

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As circumstances change

by Linda Feinholz April 26, 2012

and your Vision is accomplished, when life changes and your intentions change, you’ll refresh your Vision again.

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It’s your opportunity

by Linda Feinholz April 19, 2012

to hand yourself your own golden ticket to the ride you’d rather be taking in this lifetime. ~Linda Feinholz

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The whole point of creating

by Linda Feinholz April 12, 2012

your Breakthrough Vision is to know yourself and exactly what you want in life AND therefore what you’re willing to put ‘in’ and expect ‘out’ of your business. ~Linda Feinholz

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New behaviors don’t stick

by Linda Feinholz April 5, 2012

unless you value making the change from how you’re on automatic now… UNTIL you have a Vision that is MORE COMPELLING than your old habits. ~Linda Feinholz

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by Linda Feinholz March 29, 2012


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Perhaps you would like to be more effective at

by Linda Feinholz March 22, 2012

keeping your attention on the High Payoff activities that need your attention while you confidently hand off the rest of what needs to get done to others you can trust will do it, and do it well. ~Linda Feinholz

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Would you want those prospects

by Linda Feinholz March 15, 2012

as well as your current customers to view you as even more of a professional, or maybe even a “unique expert” in your field?  You may be good now, but how would you like to be even better at making more effective, more persuasive presentations? ~Linda Feinholz  

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