Think of the word, “Professional.” What image comes to your mind? Do you visualize a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, or perhaps the president of a large corporation? Did the image of the owner or manager of the business you operate cross your mind? What criteria do you use to define a “professional?”

What about other people – your customers, for example? How do you think they define the style, personality, and results they’re looking for?

The services you perform for your customers on a daily basis, such as progress check-ins, can have a big impact on them, their family, their staff, employees or customers if they have businesses, and their financial futures. The way you run your business and handle your customers’ needs on a daily basis says a lot about you and the position you occupy in their minds.


It’s not “all about you.”

Your business profitability depends entirely on your matching the Vision your ideal clients hold for the thing they want solved AND who they believe can solve it.

Most people in ‘business’ are selling the product or service they personally crave seeing out there in the world. Those entrepreneurs and business owners are missing the point. People don’t buy what someone else wants to sell to them. They buy solutions that move them toward their own Visions and Goals from whoever is offering the closest fit. Even unexpected solutions.

I suppose I could have written an entire book on this topic alone, but I prefer to give it to you here in the context of all of the Breakthrough Building Blocks.


The next time,

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set a little higher goal. Not much higher, just a little higher.

Again, select goals that you know you can achieve. And ones that will build your confidence that much more.

The next step is to make your goals Time-bound.

That is, you should set a time limit for their attainment and for the periods during which you give them your attention. Is 30-days the right span? 3 months? 180 days? 2 Years?

This helps you keep on target, not be distracted, and encourages you to complete something you’ve started.

‎”What you get by achieving your goals is as important as what you become
by achieving your goals.”
~ Henry David 

Not only will this help you to realize success at a pre-designated time, but you will enhance your self image by accomplishing your goal.


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