Think of the word, “Professional.” What image comes to your mind? Do you visualize a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, or perhaps the president of a large corporation? Did the image of the owner or manager of the business you operate cross your mind? What criteria do you use to define a “professional?”

What about other people – your customers, for example? How do you think they define the style, personality, and results they’re looking for?

The services you perform for your customers on a daily basis, such as progress check-ins, can have a big impact on them, their family, their staff, employees or customers if they have businesses, and their financial futures. The way you run your business and handle your customers’ needs on a daily basis says a lot about you and the position you occupy in their minds.


it’s difficult to compete on price or product. Even in the new technology arena.

You may be able to command a certain advantage for a period of time because you have a lower price than your competitors, but you and I both know that it will be short-lived.

The truth is, you will never be able to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace – long-term for any length of time – just because of the prices you charge or the products you provide.

It’ll just be a matter of time before either one of your competitors lowers their prices or duplicates (or even betters) your product, or you raise your prices because you no longer have the necessary margins to justify your prices.

But there’s one thing your customers can’t get from any of your competitors. And that’s you, and the empathy, the problem solving expertise and the knowledge, education and commitment to service that you bring to his or her specific and unique situation.

They want someone they can trust.


You should test each goal you set on the following five criteria.



Your Goals   Should Be S.M.A.R.T.

Specific –   Measurable – Achievable
Realistic –   Time-bound



It is important for your goals to be Specific, so you will know exactly what you’re aiming for.

Your goal should be clearly defined and identified so you not only know what you are trying to accomplish, you’ll also know when you attain it. And so will the rest of your team.

Saying you want to help more people, sell more products, merchandise or services or reduce the number of contacts to close a sale isn’t enough.

You need to specify your goal clearly. Is it 30 more clients, 12 more sales per month? An extra $100,000 in monthly sales? How about a certain amount of certain types of products or services?

How much – specifically?

Whatever your goal, there should be no doubt about what you wish to accomplish.

Your goals should be Measurable.

That is, there should be a system, or method of determining how you are progressing in your efforts for attainment.

By clearly defining your goals as discussed in the previous step, you will be more able to measure them. It’s important for you to be able to see your current status, as well as progression towards your goals.

Next, your goals should be Attainable. If your goal is too high… if there’s no hope for you to reach it, it won’t take long for you to become discouraged, and you will either lose concentration and the drive necessary to pursue your goal, or you will abandon it altogether.

Your goal should be something you can reach with just a little extra effort.


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