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There is no doubt that it is difficult

by Linda Feinholz May 14, 2012

to work long hours or on weekends when your family is waiting for you at home, and only have a couple of “shoppers” stop by or be stood up for an appointment someone made with you. It’s tough to make telephone calls, only to be met with hostile and rude people on the other end […]

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“Know what you have to do…

by Linda Feinholz May 11, 2012

… which is less than you think The best way to take control of your time is to know what you must do.” Eli Broad

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Vision, ideas and strategies alone, won’t create results.

by Linda Feinholz May 7, 2012

Vision, ideas and strategies alone, won’t create results. You’ve got to take action on them, if you expect anything different than what you’re currently getting. And that Action needs to have a purpose – creating a result, both for yourself and particularly for others – a service it’s delivering. That means laying out Goals towards […]

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What is it that gets you into action

by Linda Feinholz April 30, 2012

What is it that gets you into action when that list is sitting there in front of you? For my clients and course members, and me too, it takes one fundamental grounding point to get our attention and energy focused, inspired and into action. That is recognizing how our time and energy and attention are […]

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Avoiding Visioning?

by Linda Feinholz April 16, 2012

Typically people don’t even want to begin Visioning, fearing it will lead them to see some notions they’ve deliberately kept concealed from themselves, layered in their imagination with assumptions about what they might ‘have to’ do if they see it. Yet once you see your Vision you’ll feel liberated, enlivened, and see a path forward. […]

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If You Want To Make A Difference

by Linda Feinholz February 6, 2012

If you want to take your inborn gifts and your learned experiences and expertise and use them to make lucrative results and make a difference in your life and the lives of other people you need to make Breakthroughs – in thought and in action, individually and with your teams.

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Waiting and Hoping for Breakthroughs?

by Linda Feinholz January 30, 2012

We’re all waiting and hoping for “Breakthroughs.” The people running those companies all know perfectly well there is no such thing as the ‘magic bullet’ or the ‘red pill’ that would create instant results.  If it existed you can bet it would be well known by now. Marketing geniuses would be putting it in front […]

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The Source of all Breakthroughs

by Linda Feinholz January 16, 2012

It’s important that you recognize the source of all Breakthroughs is in Thought. It’s only following the thought itself that deeper exploration of the idea, the practicalities of it, the mechanics of new relationships and fresh action can produce actual results. So the first key is to create the conditions for your Breakthroughs. ~ Linda […]

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The Secret To Transformation…

by Linda Feinholz January 9, 2012

Transformation is a 2-stage process. Your willingness to focus attention on these ideas, stories and technique triggers, rather than in your highly trained analytical and critical mind, is the first step. ~ Linda Feinholz

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Assign The Right People To The Right

by Linda Feinholz September 19, 2011

jobs. … Set goals and make sure people focus on them. ~ Warren Buffet

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