Time Management

… which is less than you think

The best way to take control of your time is to know what you must do.”

Eli Broad


Want better results from your meetings?

Here’s a stealth technique and it’s not what you expect: Eliminate “Ad Hoc” discussions.

You know – those conversations you hold when you run into someone in the hallway? Or when you “just happen to stop bye” their office because you were in the neighborhood.


It takes 20 minutes for an interrupted mind to regain it’s focus and momentum after an interruption. It may “only be a 5-minute issue” to you, but you’re disrupting them.

So if you’re the one doing the interrupting it’s all fine and good for YOU, but it’s hell on the other person.

AND if we’re honest about it, you know you’ve got gremlins muttering in the background of your mind when people do it to you.

SO let’s increase your productivity and theirs by

First – stop interrupting people with “Do you have a quick minute?” Courtesy will have them saying “Yes” when it isn’t true.

Next – set up calendared time to have a focused, full attention discussion on the topic. Yes, even if “It will only take 5 minutes to find out…” It’s seldom that fast. If it was, an email would do. That means you’ll NOW take 5 minutes to think through your goal before you go into a meeting AND you’ll give them the opportunity to get all their attention devoted to the topic you want to cover.

Set the pattern for yourself and you’ll be able to ask the same of others with ease.


“Linda, how can you say that there are 5 Keys to success in business? Isn’t that oversimplifying the issues?”

I am asked that question all the time and I love it. What I have discovered from building my own business, and consulting and coaching entrepreneurs and professionals over the years is this: There really are just 5 elements that determine business success!

How can I say that? Well, it all comes down to 5 points of focus: your market, your product or service, your marketing, your use of attention, and your ability to use others.

Let’s take a closer look at these five success factors:

Your Market – You’ve got know how and there is a market for it. Your first task is to check exactly what your prospective buyers want to pay for and adjust your know how to deliver exactly that. Once your relationships are in place you can propose other ‘add-on’ services and product. FIRST sell what the buyer wants to pay for.

Your Product or Service – The world is filled with people who share your ‘know how.’ The difference is in your ability to focus on the solution you are providing and it’s match to the need in the market place better and faster than they do.

Your Marketing – The messages you use needs to be in the language of the buyer. Beware being too clever and having them skip right past you.

Your Attention – The biggest stumbling block business owners put in front of themselves is responding to every interruption and distraction. Think you don’t? Try turning off your phone and email for 3 straight hours. Measure how much you get done!

Your Use of Others – I define leverage as getting the greatest return from time, attention, energy and resources. There are activities that only you can take care of for your business. Keep your attention on those and leverage the experience and intelligence of others to cover the rest.

Remember, the simpler you view each challenge, the easier the solution you’ll come up with. Keep your focus on these 5 keys and you’ll out pace your competition and have your customers singing your praises.


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