do you have the information on what you actually need to solve for them. That is when your product or service design begins.


What has been your greatest fear or frustration?

What is the most critical number 1 thing you most want or need solved?

If you could have it any way you could imagine, how would it look?

What would change as a result of that?

Why is that important?

And why is THAT important to you?

A hidden benefit of taking the time to interview your clients and prospects about what they want solved is that they will give you the very language to use in telling them what you’ve designed for them. Their dreams, their challenges, their frustrations, and their goals. Their previously unspoken fantasy of what they wished their world looked like.




Your starting point is

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to actually ASK your customers and prospects what they need solved, why it’s so important to them, and what is the impact that having it solved will make on their business and their lives. ~Linda Feinholz


“I’ve been looking for YOU!” and you’ll add an extra “0” to the revenue you bring in by matching your solutions to their unspoken dreams. ~Linda Feinholz


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Bringing You The Very Best…

by Linda Feinholz September 16, 2010

Linda Feinholz Business Building Expert Phone – 818.570.1590 Contact Me: Skype: feinholz P.S. Ask Me How to Increase your Net-Worth Even if you NEVER Build A Team!

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