Goal Setting

the reason people buy the products or services you offer, the actual product or service itself.

The product or service, and what that product or service does for your customer needs to be based not on what you “know” they ought to have, but on what you “know they know” they want.

If you are trying to sell your customers and prospects products and services because you ‘already know’ a solution you’re still missing the mark.

Remember, the odds are good that your customers and prospects can buy very similar products or services from any one of several of your competitors.

Your advantage therefore needs to come from another source – from your customers themselves.


With your Goals in mind

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you can start designing the business model that will achieve them.  ~Linda Feinholz


The next time,

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set a little higher goal. Not much higher, just a little higher.

Again, select goals that you know you can achieve. And ones that will build your confidence that much more.

The next step is to make your goals Time-bound.

That is, you should set a time limit for their attainment and for the periods during which you give them your attention. Is 30-days the right span? 3 months? 180 days? 2 Years?

This helps you keep on target, not be distracted, and encourages you to complete something you’ve started.

‎”What you get by achieving your goals is as important as what you become
by achieving your goals.”
~ Henry David 

Not only will this help you to realize success at a pre-designated time, but you will enhance your self image by accomplishing your goal.


The key to being good

by Linda Feinholz June 7, 2012

at setting and achieving goals is to be realistic in your expectations. ~Linda Feinholz

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When you set your goals, think of the word, “SMART”

by Linda Feinholz June 4, 2012

You should test each goal you set on the following five criteria.   BREAKTHROUGH GOALS   TIP 1 Your Goals   Should Be S.M.A.R.T. Specific –   Measurable – Achievable Realistic –   Time-bound     It is important for your goals to be Specific, so you will know exactly what you’re aiming for. Your […]

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Without goals,

by Linda Feinholz May 31, 2012

it’s easy to wander aimlessly, getting sidetracked with any inspiring new thing that comes along. ~Linda Feinholz

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All too often people leave the retreats and seminars

by Linda Feinholz May 28, 2012

pumped up full of enthusiasm and a sensation of expansion and possibility. It’s often someone else’s vision, not yours, that you hold. AND there is no true desire for it so no goals are set and acted upon. Six months later? Perhaps you’ve got insights and know how, but no measurable difference in your life. […]

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Taking Stock

by Linda Feinholz December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving is always a great time for pausing and taking stock, then acknowledging what HAS been successful this past year. I spent a lot of time in hopsital waiting rooms, ICUs and funeral activities for my step-dad. Each of those hours stirred up thoughts of appreciation AND of priority. I’ve found, from way too many […]

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Law Of Attraction Is The THIRD Step For Businesses

by Linda Feinholz November 8, 2008

© 2008 Linda Feinholz. One of my clients, Don, kept waffling back and forth over which sized firms he wanted as his clients. For the lack of that focus, his efforts were scattered and outright conflicting with each other. If you’ve been aware of hearing about the Law of Attraction recently, you’re in step with […]

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Break The Fright Cycle, Out-Smart The Business Ghouls

by Linda Feinholz October 30, 2008

© 2008 Linda Feinholz. If I were to make a guess, it would be that you’re hearing an average of 6,294 messages a day about how bad a disaster the economy is, how everyone is going to loose their jobs, the roof over their heads, and even the ability to put clothes on their backs. […]

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