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profitability depends entirely on your matching the Vision…….~Linda Feinholz


Take the time

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to carefully analyze where you’ve come from, where you are now, and what you want to accomplish in your life, including your business, your job or your career. I know it personally and I’ve got about 78,000 other folks who can testify to the fact that all the techniques in the world are useless if you don’t create a compelling reason for your follow through actions


pumped up full of enthusiasm and a sensation of expansion and possibility. It’s often someone else’s vision, not yours, that you hold. AND there is no true desire for it so no goals are set and acted upon. Six months later? Perhaps you’ve got insights and know how, but no measurable difference in your life.

So, deep inside the anxiety and churn continues.

Outside, the overwhelm and stall out and frustration that you’re not making any headway keeps chewing at you.

What’s missing in many of development programs, even if you uncover your own personal Vision, is the action of turning the Vision into real world practical observable Goals.

For the lack of a goal no plan is made …

For the lack of a plan no action is taken …

For the lack of action no result is made …

So no Vision makes it out from behind the habits of our thoughts and behavior into the world.

To create the conditions that create Breakthrough Results, after we craft a Vision that inspires us AND share it with others so they can be inspired and support our achieving it…

It’s time to turn it into a list of real world steps we’ll take to move from where we are today towards that specific Vision.

That means making the commitment to converting Visions into Goals so that you’ll follow through in action: doing what ever it takes to find the information, tools, resources and relationships that will break through the fog that keeps us stuck in “How Things Work Now.”

Into the light of “How We’ll Get Things Done NEW.”


You’ve got to convert your attention

by Linda Feinholz May 24, 2012

from the reverie of Visioning to the Actions you’ll take in your current world in order to achieve that Vision. ~Linda Feinholz

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Outstanding success is unusual,

by Linda Feinholz May 21, 2012

and is dependent on many different factors. For some people, it just happens. Most of the time they’re in the right place at the right time, doing nothing special, everything just ‘falls into place’ for them. Others put in long hours and much work, only to find they’ve created just average success. Separate Yourself From […]

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Rather than hang around waiting for insights

by Linda Feinholz January 23, 2012

Rather than hang around waiting for insights, ideas and breakthroughs with a little ‘b’ courageous folks are deliberately creating the circumstances to trigger quantum leap Breakthroughs with a capital ‘B’ – the ones that transform minds, decisions, actions and results.

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First you sink into the place where you have your insights,

by Linda Feinholz January 2, 2012

then you rise into action to realize the Breakthrough. ~ Linda Feinholz

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How To Launch Your Business Success Anew

by Linda Feinholz January 3, 2009

© 2009 Linda Feinholz In a meeting last week with one of my Platinum clients, Brian, reviewing the goals he had achieved since we began work in January, he shared an “Ah Ha!” he’s had. “Linda, when you kept steering me to simplify my Vision, I didn’t want to hear it. I wasn’t ready to. […]

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Taking Stock

by Linda Feinholz December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving is always a great time for pausing and taking stock, then acknowledging what HAS been successful this past year. I spent a lot of time in hopsital waiting rooms, ICUs and funeral activities for my step-dad. Each of those hours stirred up thoughts of appreciation AND of priority. I’ve found, from way too many […]

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Law Of Attraction Is The THIRD Step For Businesses

by Linda Feinholz November 8, 2008

© 2008 Linda Feinholz. One of my clients, Don, kept waffling back and forth over which sized firms he wanted as his clients. For the lack of that focus, his efforts were scattered and outright conflicting with each other. If you’ve been aware of hearing about the Law of Attraction recently, you’re in step with […]

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