Change 1 Deadlock And You Can Change It All!

by Linda Feinholz · 0 comments

How do YOU solve deadlocks? You know – those situations that become immovable because each party is sure they’re right and the other side is wrong.

‘Deadlock unlocking’ is a critical skill for managers. Without it, work just simply gets stalled.

While I’m happy to help my clients solve what is going on, my goal is to transfer repeatable skills and processes to them so they become more adept at solving the situations themselves.

The starting point of unlocking a deadlock is to get clear about the starting point of the conflict – the exact difference of opinion that is being held by each party.

The second step is to jointly list the criteria each person had in mind when it all started.

Once those two lists have been spelled out – a new list is created by both parties together so that the joint expectations can be met collaboratively.

So, instead of waiting for ‘them’ to see it ‘your way’… ask yourself:

“What is ONE issue I’ve been in a deadlock on with another person?”

Got that name in mind? And the topic as well I expect.

Now pick up the phone and set up an hour to get this unlocked and solved.

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