Change 1 FEAR And You Can Change It All!

by Linda Feinholz · 0 comments

As soon as my client Brian was ready to shift his own position, his own belief that it all needed to be complex to be valuable, we reset his Vision and he’s re-launched his entire team.

First, however, he had to work through the feelings the idea of changing his vision brought up.

Change often stirs up FEAR. The emotional feeling and that we couldn’t handle something if we face it directly.

For Brian, the issue we worked through was that if everything became simple, and he succeeded, several other things in his life would have to change.

Ask yourself:

“If I’m wildly successful with this, what are the 2 to 3 things about me

that would no longer be true?”

Grab a piece of paper and note them down.They may well be the next opportunity in your personal development.

And if you’d like assistance in getting them cleared out permanently so that you can achieve every part of your vision with ease, come join The Business Accelerator Club I’m launching February 1st.

You can join like-minded success oriented professionals who are setting simple, clear visions and taking straight aim on achieving them!

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