Change 1 FEAR And You Can Change It All!

by Linda Feinholz · 0 comments

The conversation at every table, whether at home or in restaurants is all dire. The world has ‘never’ seen a disaster like the one we’re facing now. There is ‘no way out’ unless we’re rescued. Half the world is ‘for’ us and half is ‘against’ us.

Most of what we read, see and hear is made-up, by others, because it serves their interests, not yours.

You may not be able to reign in all the fear mongering around you but you can take control over your own attention and energy. Right here. Right now. As soon as you do, you’ll both bring your own anxieties under control, you’ll model that calm for others and create a heightened productivity for yourself and everyone on your team.

Ask yourself:

“What are TEN successes my team and I have created in the past two weeks?”

Got that list written down?

NOW go share it – flood people with the information about the good that has been achieved very recently. Add to this creating a daily list and telling at least 3 people the next day.

You have the power to change the view people hold to one of hope and possibility. Be that Spark of light to your world and those around you.

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