Change 1 “Interruption” And You Can Change It All!

by Linda Feinholz · 0 comments

Many of my business clients are used to an ‘open door’ policy. They have the mistaken notion that an open door culture must mean ‘I’m always available.” As a result, their own work takes three to six times as long to accomplish as it needs to.

The best technique you can use is Calendared Open Door. Another way to think of that is “I’m always available to set up time to meet with you.” And that doesn’t mean right here, right now.”

The next time someone calls or stops at your door and asks “Have you got a minute?” ask them

“Will 3 o’clock work for you to discuss that?”

Get the appointment on the calendar and get your attention back where it belongs, on the thing that needs your undivided attention so it gets done.

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