Change 1 THANK YOU And You Can Change It All!

by Linda Feinholz · 0 comments

Some questions are as valuable in personal life as they are in business.

The Thanksgiving holiday provides the perfect opportunity to pause and recognize what we have, and have accomplished during the past year.

Recognizing those successes, those results, those aspects of our life is the first step to refreshing our vision for ourselves and the time we spend in our profession or avocation.

For myself, I’m grateful for the companionship of colleagues, friends and family who are passionate about their profession and avocations. I’m deeply appreciative for my home, my travels, my hilariously unique cat, and ongoing opportunities for learning.

Ask yourself:

“What are the top 10 people, results and ideas I’m grateful for?”

Let your thoughts review your weekdays, your weekends, your evenings, holidays and vacations. You’ll be amazed at the range of things that come to mind.

Once you have your list, share it – take that recognition with you into conversations during the coming week. As you speak of it to others you’ll find you can build on it – use the items on your list to reset the goals you’d like to accomplish in coming days and weeks.

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