Change 1 Tool And You Can Change It All!

by Linda Feinholz · 0 comments

Forget what you’ve invested in time and money in a system that isn’t working for you. That’s a sunk cost and it’s wasting your time and attention in frustration trying to fit yourself to the tool.
Let’s get back to basics. Do you know how you do your best work? Think back over many situations, jobs, environments you’ve been in and ask yourself:

“What system was I using when I was my most effective?”

Now look at something that’s been taking way too long to get accomplished. How can you use the system that you found effective in the past to get more productive results today?

And if your answer was ‘the system I’m using now’ but you’re not being effective, go ask 3 other people how they’re doing it, or give me a ring. We’ll find the one that gets your results soaring!

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