Change 1 WISH And You Can Change It All!

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If you’ve been finding yourself wishing the past few weeks, you’re not alone.The news media has us all so wound up and nearly convinced that only the governing geniuses might be able to save us that we’re all devolving into children – wishing ‘Mom or Dad’ would make it all better.So we forget how quickly we can solve challenges for ourselves.

I find that once I name the anxiety, I can then name at least 3 steps I can take to make progress on the matter.

Notice how often during the day you get frustrated and mentally or physically ‘push away’ from a topic or an issue that needs your attention. Where in your body are you carrying that tension? See if you can put a real name to the anxiety that has you wound up or stepping back.

Ask yourself:

“What issue have I been ‘wishing’ someone would solve?”

Name the issue.

Now, create 4 columns on a piece of paper. In the first column list 10 reasons it’s difficult to solve. Once you’ve done that, write a name of someone you believe might be able to solve it in the second column. In the third column, describe HOW you think they would approach it or solve it.

In the fourth column, list the action YOU could take to make progress on getting it solved. It might be to DO one of the things you’ve listed. OR it could be to hire that person to handle it for you. And so on.

Now pick the first one you’ll take action on and do it – longer stalled, but in motion getting it solved.

Let me know the results you create in the comments box here.

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