Creating Appreciation In Your Business

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So often our focus is on what’s ‘not yet’ done, what is sitting on our To Do list, and what we ‘ought to’ be getting to but haven’t yet completed.

Children have a great deal to teach us about what motivates our hearts and gives us the impetus to put our energy into growing our businesses. They remind us that our strength in life comes not from what’s missing and undone, but rather from what we’ve accomplished.

My 6-year old nephew reminded me of this as we were celebrating the holidays. His joy as he calculated 600 times 600 in his mind and got it right is his motivation to keep learning how to work with numbers. His glee at that power is a great pointer for all of us to deliberately take stock of what challenges we’ve taken on, what we’ve learned this past year, and now can use it.

Here are some of my favorite accomplishment prompts that I use with coaching clients and participants in my programs:

1.  List 10 things you accomplished this past year that you are proud of.

2.  What were the most important things that you learned this past year, both in business, and personally?

3.  What changes did you make based on that learning, and as a result of these changes, how will your life be different this coming year?

4.  How have you changed over the year, and as a result of those changes, what new possibilities exist for you?

5.  What if it all had to stop now?   (take your time with this one)   If you had six months to live and six million dollars, what would you do?

6.  What changes would you make in the way you work to give yourself the best possible chance of success?

7.  How will you have to change in order to give yourself the best possible chance of success?

And here’s a powerful BONUS Question. What steps have you taken in the past that helped you succeed?

The reason that final question is a gem is that it’s your opportunity to reveal what you DO know how to do, the steps you’ve used in the past to create your success.

You may have used them unconsciously or deliberately.

Either way, jsut as my nephew is consciously calculating two 3-figure numbers and coming up with a great answer, you too know techniques that have let you cut through confusion and challenges to create the accomplishments you’ve listed.

Now is a great time to remind yourself of what you DO know, the tools you already have at hand, and use them as the road map for the challenges you want to take on next.

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