Entrepreneurs and Resolutions… Really?

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Each year we pull out that little list and make our proclamations. Was last year the same as the ones before? Did you hound yourself to set them… only to berate yourself a dozen times for not following through? You’re in great company with 93% of the folks who think “This year will be different, really!”

A whole new path to success.

This past New Year’s Day I was invited to join a “Resolution Party”.

Never been to one? An eclectic group of friends gather annually over delicious food and drink catching up on how life has been since they last saw each other. Rich conversations indeed. Then, sharing through poetry, prose and spontaneous heartfelt humor their ‘resolutions’ for the coming year. Some are sharing their favorites, like “Eat Less, Exercise More” – lots of knowing laughs on that one as we’ve all said that one even under our breath.

As I joined the round of declarations, I knew what mine was going to be and I shared it frankly.

“No more resolutions. Period.”

Said with a grin, and with absolute sincerity, as I decided quite some time ago to take myself ‘out’ of the pool of wishers and hopers, and frankly out of the place that always seems to be based in a sense of shortcoming and lack. There was always an underlying sense of self-criticism over falling short.

Over the years I’ve come to recognize that New Year’s Resolutions always seem to spring from lack rather than gratitude, from absence rather than targeting more of what’s going well, focusing on failure rather than achievements.

In so many areas of my life and that of my clients we work our darndest to move over to a different team: The Choosers.

You know – the folks who pay close attention to accomplishments, acknowledging them and building towards new goals – visions that make us smile and inspire us. We join the Choosers team deliberately for the power and success we’ll draw on.

And then each New Year’s we fall into this habit of making ourselves ‘small’.

Have you noticed that when we are judging ourselves and deciding we failed, we can feel sense of tightness and compression in our body, and when we’re celebrating an accomplishment and feeling proud we feel lightness and expansion…

Imagine if instead of making a ‘resolution’ and creating compression, depression, defeat we stated our intentions from that place of expansion – making it a choice each time.

For instance:
Shall I go to the gym at 6 a.m. or skip it?… I will go to the gym.
Shall I create a new service to offer my clients?… I will create it in June.
Shall I have this desert or wait for another occasion?… I will wait for the death by chocolate cake on Sunday.

Each choice is a declaration of your “Will” instead of some “should”.
Start small with daily actions and decisions. Each declaration awakens your awareness of what it feels like to slow down, consider the choices, make a decision, test how it feels, take the action and really own that you were acting from “Choice” and the desire for the outcomes each choice provides.

What I’ve uncovered is that as you make one choice after another, you wake up dormant Chooser muscles. And the more you use them, the faster you’ll sense whether each choice feels constraining or expansive.

You even get to use them on choices of what you’ll stop doing our of a sense of obligation.

An ever expanding sense of FREEDOM and purpose – wow!
It’s a choice. Nothing more and nothing less. A series of choices that will have consequences. You get to check that the consequences line up with your Vision for what you intend to create in your business and your life.

Rather than setting up a cycle of berating yourself for resolutions unmet, join me in The Land Of Choice, the place that makes us feel more powerful and successful.

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