Entrepreneurship – Discover The Two Best Sources of Endless Waves Of Revenue

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My client confessed this week. If he had it to start all over again right now, here is how he’d use his expertise to create immediate and endless income for himself.

Re-Position Yourself

Professionals are among the most resistant entrepreneurs you’ll find. They take their technical expertise, go out to ‘go it alone’ or build a small professional firm, and clog up the works by diving into the depths of their work.

Your value as a technical expert is only one aspect of your value to your clients. Of greater value than billing hours to solve some matter for them, you need to become the ‘manager’ who makes solutions happen.

That means shifting to being a business builder who steps in to refine the work being done by other resources.


Keep that in mind and don’t let yourself be pulled off course and into the depths of ‘doing the work.’

Re-Purpose Your Know How

Your magical opportunity is to take your technical know how and experience and find new outlets for it. It’s not about gaining new know how – it’s about taking your know how and re-shaping how it’s offered in as many ways as possible to hungry audiences who are waiting for it.

Here’s an example. A recognized economist is a frequent expert witness. That’s a highly paid use of his know how.

But wait, it gets even better. He’s created a series of free white papers he’s posted on his web site. And hes’ turned them into articles distributed through the internet. Not a revenue producer you say?

Well, it is. Because he has paying newsletter subscribers. They get his analyses of the impacts of each related case and of actions by the government, describing the potential effects on the very types of cases he’s used for. Instead of use one case at a time, he now has paying subscribers across the country paying for his insights as they work up their own cases.

His subscribers may come to him for expert testimony, this year or sometime in the future. Either way, he’s got a steady stream of revenue using his expertise in ways other than one-on-one problem solving one customer at a time.

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