Law Of Attraction Is The THIRD Step For Businesses

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One of my clients, Don, kept waffling back and forth over which sized firms he wanted as his clients. For the lack of that focus, his efforts were scattered and outright conflicting with each other.

If you’ve been aware of hearing about the Law of Attraction recently, you’re in step with the latest message about inspiration. For nearly 25 years, I’ve seen it taught in various forms, from ‘mindfulness retreats’ to est to various Human Potential and Self-Actualization programs. Each program teaches their own frameworks, or those borrowed from the ages, to give us tools to use on a daily basis.

As with anything in life, all the techniques and frameworks are only moderately effective if you don’t KNOW where you’re going. Without a clear Vision and destination in mind you’ll either eventually get lost or it’ll take you a long time to get there, much longer than necessary.

If you’re heading out to drive into new territory and choose to do it without a roadmap, you may spend a lot of your time recognizing you’re lost and looking for road-side assistance, over and over again. It may not make sense to even head out in the first place.

Over the years, it’s been proven out that if you don’t consciously declare what you want, you’ll continually attract what your unconscious mind wants to attract rather than what you say you want.

In business, I see this play out over and over again with participants in my Productivity and Time Mastery Kick Start Program. People learn a technique or two that has the potential to double and even triple how much they accomplish in less time. They take on a commitment to using the new practices, and then come back asking for personal tune-ups.

When we take a closer look at what’s going on, they’ve go the technique down pat. They’re often missing the content – what they’re spending their time on has not been prioritized or selected to get them to a specific destination.

It’s a lot like taking a fabulous ride in a Maserati (yes, the techniques are that powerful), on a perfect day with superb road conditions… and then noticing you’ve got no idea where you’re headed, for how long, and why.

All that energy going to waste! So I want to share with you two of the tune-up steps I use with my program participants.

Pick a Focus
Over the years, I’ve seen certain entrepreneurs be completely wishy-washy about what they want. Or they’re wanting it for the reasons that are taking them off course. BIG mistake. Not knowing what you really want creates confusion in both your marketing AND your manifesting.

Here’s what I mean. Say one day you decide that you want to attract a roster of 200 clients, and you set that intention. But the next day, you decide that instead, you’re interested in only 35 private clients and systems to serve another 150 with a second tier of services. That same afternoon, you decide you don’t want ANY private clients, but instead, you want to only deal with groups. (I’ve watched this switching take place over and over with professionals.)

If you’re sitting in a restaurant placing an order and calling the waiter back over and over, to change it again and again, eventually the waiter will tell you “Call me when you know what you want.” And walk away.

The same goes in your business. For the lack of a focused Vision, every new idea pulls you off course. At that moment, all the time management techniques in the world can’t get you to your destination faster or easier.

If you’re aware that what you focus on is what you bring into your reality, whether you refer to it as the Law of Attraction or by any other term, then you’ll recognize that you’re repeatedly sending the wrong message over and over again to the Universe (or your subconscious mind, whichever you prefer).

Bless The Rest
One of the greatest fears I find my clients facing, is “But what about everyone else who could use me?” I know that fear – I struggled with it for 18 months!

When you recognize that people are looking for ‘someone who understands them’ you’ll realize you can accelerate your results by focusing your message and your marketing on them. If other folks show up – serve them if you wish. Open your grip on trying to serve everyone and keep your eye and your message on focus and you’ll find your ideal clients will be clamoring to work with you.

That  single focus will guide your product or services design so that they send a consistent message. You’ll be able to keep all your marketing and your service delivery targeted to their specific needs. This in turn will attract what you want, much faster.

Don picked a specific industry, and a target company size for his ideal clients, and 90-days later he’d doubled his active clients. Now it’s your turn!

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