Mindset Flipping

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Is it time for a Mindset Flip?

Think about that for a minute… well, is it?

What do I mean you say??

If you’re anything like me (hmmm, and aren’t we all so similar) once
in a while you hit the emotional wall while trying to grow your success.

I have to admit the past week has had my emotions all over the place –
I launched with a fabulous new client, and had two planned projects
get ‘delayed’ until sometime in the future, had another client triple the
size of our project.

During this time I ricocheted from frustration to exhilaration and back
again more than once. And I really disliked experiencing the frustrations
and sense that it was all out of my hands.

Years ago I made a decision to not let myself rest too long in that
disempowered state. I found that all it takes is changing 1 phrase.

Just 1 phrase… IF ONLY!!

Here’s an example of what I mean:

**If you had more clients, you would have success
**If you had leads and referrals, you would have more clients
**If you had recognition, you would be able to attract perfect referrals
**If you had branding, you would be well known and recognized
**If you had tech savvy, you would be able to create a brand of yourself
**If you had time, you would be able to get familiar with the new technology for marketing

and your life would be alot more less stressful so you could enjoy “why”
you got into this industry

Filled with wanting and hopeFULness, which usually show up
when we feel frustrated and hopeLESS

Now, let’s switch the words around to someone who has just gone
thru the LinkedIn course I tell my clients about.

**Because of all these clients, my cashflow is great
**Because of all these leads and referrals, I can choose to work with the ones that are a great fit
**Because of all this recognition, I get perfect referrals
**Because of all this branding, I am widely recognized
**Because of all this easy tech, I’ve created a brand for myself beyond my business card
**Because of all this free time, I’m able to spend all the time I want with my family

The attitude changes inside as we verbalize the endpoint we
intend to create rather than focusing on what we’re lacking.

In practical terms, I can easily keep up my presence online every month

Which category would you rather be in??

The answer is pretty obvious which is why you need to pay very
close attention. I am including a link to a program on establishing
your on-line presence through LinkedIn
which is completely
waaaaayyy undervalued.

They’re showing some tricks in this course that I can’t believe they’re
giving away.

Now, you know that I blog, I publish articles, I put video tips
online and more. AND not everyone needs to do all those steps.

The question is are you even spending 15-minutes per week,
let alone per month, creating your presence online?

So, here’s what you need to do…

Go to 500 Million Strong, it’s more than worth your time.

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