Practical Business Building Tips – Discover 2 Actions You Need To Grow Your Business Faster

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Small Business Owners often miss using 2 key actions that can accelerate their business growth with ease. Most often, they miss using these actions because they’ve never seen anyone else do them either.

It usually come from the silos that most businesses use to get things done ‘efficiently.’ Everyone has specialized and only come together to solve problems. So the full ingredients that are in the recipe of successful businesses are known to only a few people with both broad and deep experience.

So the average small business is run by someone who left one organization in order to pursue an opportunity, and all their attention became absorbed in working to make it happen.

Along the way, they loose site of how it all got started and miss these two vital actions:


If you wait for your results at the register, you’re too late! You need to be out talking with your prospective buyers, checking if they are hungry for the solution you’re devoting all your time and energy to.

Get in front of your prospects and ask them first what they’re looking to have solved. Then you can suggest a couple of approaches to see if they really want it solved (and will pay for the solution) or are fantasizing about an ideal world they won’t actually invest in.

Be sure you ask enough people for their thoughts, to see what are true trends you ought to spend time pursuing before you launch into designing and delivering that solution.


I know, I know: the solution might be a new product or a service. It might be repackaging and repositioning what you already have.

Before you get too far down the line, pull together a prototype or sample or clear description of your product or service. Take them back to the folks you talked with before and ask for their impressions and preferences.

One of the most important questions you have to answer for yourself as you build your business is who is your target market. As a result of this feedback you might find your target market is actually a different buyer than you have been assuming.

Get the focus right and the offer tight and you’ll find your ideal customer clamoring for your products and services.

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