Practical Business Building Tips – Top 7 Activities of Great Leaders

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If you are serious about building your business you need to make sure your time, energy and attention are being spent on “the right stuff” for business.

With that notion in mind, here are the Top 7 Activities of Great Leaders

1. Setting the Vision… and checking that all your activities are leading to that end. Businesses that don’t have a clear vision are often just the place everyone shows up to keep busy. Create a vision that makes all that time, intelligence and effort worth it!

2. Inspiring Others… describing the vision to them and describing how their work fits into achieving the vision. We each get out of bed wanting to make a difference and we’ll put in 120% when we see an inspiring path!

3. Modeling what keeping the Vision in mind looks like… by starting every meeting with the Vision as your reference point to the issue on the table. This is just the first step to running a meeting that everyone feels was worth paying attention and solving issues.

4. Encouraging Others To Step Up… so that you can leverage the experience and intelligence of other people to build your business further, faster and easier than doing it all on your own. The more they do, the easier it will be for you to focus on finding paths to grow the business.

5. Challenging “the way things are done here”… to constantly invite new, more productive and more profitable options be brought into the planning and execution of your work.

6. Measuring what matters… and reporting the trends ensures that everyone keeps their eye on how their own work is achieving the goals that are important for the business.

7. Making “Leverage” the key…
The challenge for most business owners and entrepreneurs then is to be able to keep enough attention on activities that make a difference. Keep asking how to leverage everyone through putting systems in place so your work is done with excellence, no matter who is putting their attention and energy into it.

Bonus Tip –When you let people know that they are appreciated, they’re even more inspired to bring their best thinking to the table. Great leaders acknowledge each person and every team for their great thinking and effective work.

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