Principles of Breakthroughs

by Linda Feinholz · 0 comments

Is bottom-line growth your goal?

Or, is a highly lucrative lifestyle business more important to you?

What if you could get out of bed on Tuesdays with the confidence that you had all the “know how” you need to run your business perfectly, including a compelling vision, concrete goals, a highly profitable busines s model, leverage systems, a high performance team, and access to all the advice you need, right when you need it?

What one thing would you change to make you a better, happier, and more productive businessperson?

Stick with the underlying idea here:

It doesn’t matter what industry we’re referring to.

It doesn’t matter what product we’re talking about here.

It doesn’t matter what service or solution or remedy or transaction (see all the other professions we can cover?).

My clients Susan, Nick, Karen and Jennifer, learned that there isn’t a single action you’ll take in the outer world, that you’ll follow through on over time, if you don’t understand the Principles of Breakthroughs.



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