Small Business Advice – 5 Barriers to Building Your Business

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When I’m coaching a new client who wants to grow their business, there are a few barriers that often come up. Here are 5 of the barriers I’ve noticed keep some people from building smooth streams of income.

Barrier 1: Fear of The Unfamiliar
This is the ultimate barrier for any entrepreneur or professional – Yes, I know you’re expert at a lot of things. Even so, the world is full of opportunities that are missed because it’s just not something you’ve heard of before. This is one of the key reasons to work with a coach or mentor – to get access to ideas and information you don’t already know, and get a gentle push towards taking a fresh look at the possibilities they see on your behalf.

Barrier 2: Fear of Looking Foolish
This is a normal reaction to stepping into new territory. After all how will we explain it to people we know? We’re in the trial stage with a new idea, and others will keep asking you “How’s it going?” The importance of finding accountability partners is that they DO understand what you’re trying to build so you don’t have to explain it. You can keep your attention on design, execution and evaluating what’s working.

Barrier 3: Fear of Failing
This is one you likely already know. Rather than focusing on lack of success, focus on taking tons of notes of ‘things that need to be solve.’ That will ensure your attention is empowering you taking action.

Barrier 4: Fear of Success
This one can be sneaky – many of my clients don’t hear all the inner chatter telling them their relationships will have to change if they create breakthroughs and success. There is no single solution to this. Reserve the information you share with long time friends and family members. Make sure you have plenty of other people around to applaud to so you stay on track.

Barrier 5: Fear of Focus
This fear of what it will be like to have smooth sailing and their end in sight is one of the key reasons people procrastinate taking action. They find it disorienting to see the world with calm focus so they let emails and interruptions own their time. It’s important to turn off those distractions and lean the practical steps that achieve your vision.

Accomplish it and you’ll have all the choices you want for the next goals to achieve.

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