Small Business Management – How Do You Decide Who To Learn From In Business?

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One of the most important questions you have to answer for yourself as you build your business is who you are going to listen to and learn from? This is particularly important now with the economic challenges demanding smart action at every step.]

I have found there are basically 3 types of teachers in business and only one type is always worth following:

Type 1 – Trainers who have been handed  information, a script and exercises to coach you through so that you get some experience with a hypothetical example. They have seldom faced the actual challenges you want to solve. I recommend my UAGOS filter here: “Use a grain of salt!”

Type 2 – Teachers who has succeeded at facing the business challenges you have in front of you and is no longer doing it. Use caution with this type. Be sure you check out testimonials from others they have worked with to be sure their know how is relevant for the results you are trying to achieve.

Type 3 – Teachers who mentor. These are folks who have been in your shoes and can provide practical, actionable input. For the issues they see you need solving, they can bring you others with the expertise you need, to short cut your needing to go fish among strangers for your solutions.

This is the kind of teacher with whom I spend my time and money. Great examples are experienced consultant who have run companies, and technical experts who have done the business building strategies I want to implement in my own business.

My recommendation: Learn from mentors and coaches who have done it, and who have a roster of examples of teaching it to others who created success with it as well.

This is why I created the Business Accelerator club to train you how to build your business further, faster and easier. The focus is on stabilizing your business by managing it with ease and growing it by leveraging your experience to create low cost highly profitable new streams of income. I’ve done it. I’m teaching it, and I continue to do it everyday.

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