Small Business Marketing – Get Your Business Found By Creating 3 Whitepapers

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The average small business relies on networking and customer word of mouth to build their client base and sales volume. One of the keys to being the first choice of your ideal clients is by establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

Little know and seldom spoken of, the easiest credibility building activity you can use is creating white papers that prospects can read to better understand why they’d want to work with you.

You don’t have to make a mountain of a project of this either.

There are 2 simple steps that will have you drafting and completing a set of articles that you’ll use over and over again.

How To Find Your Topic
The objective of these articles is to create an evergreen set of articles, rather than write ones that are so solution specific they become out of date. I’ve turned this into 3 elements that resonate with your reader every time: Form, Content, and Timing.

•    What is a familiar form of a problem that many of your clients run into, that you can quantify the cost to their business of putting off solving it.
•    Where is there a key content element of solutions they often miss, resulting in greater expense, delays or even procrastination in solving the mess they are facing.
•    How does time impact their challenges, making it all much worse as they delay handling the matter.

Using this triple topic will allow you to write one white paper on each – how a client was facing that particular breakdown and how you solved that so you could solve their overall challenge.

How To Use Your Topic

Once you have your topics, create a short 350-word article on each topic to put on your web site. Don’t get elaborate, just describe how often this is an element that your clients face. Email them every 3 weeks to your current customers and suggest they share them with their team.

Here’s a bonus! You can even create a separate article summarizing these elements.

AND – Put a link at the bottom of your email signatures, in color, for the reader to click on and be taken to that article on your website

AND – Then take each of those and record a simple audio reading that article. Put that audio on your web site, on your company’s phone system.

AND- You can even turn them into brief videos and post the videos on your web site.

you could even create a tip sheet for how to recognize when these
elements are the ones that are hanging up identifying and addressing
the challenges themselves.

All of these activities will jump start your marketing and can stay published and relevant for years to come.

  • Mike Flouton

    Great post, with some actionable tidbits that will certainly help small businesses. It’s amazing how much return you can get on simple things, and your post very eloquently points that out. Well done.

    Mike Flouton, Monument Associates

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