Taking Stock

by Linda Feinholz · 1 comment

Thanksgiving is always a great time for pausing and taking stock, then acknowledging what HAS been successful this past year. I spent a lot of time in hopsital waiting rooms, ICUs and funeral activities for my step-dad. Each of those hours stirred up thoughts of appreciation AND of priority.

I’ve found, from way too many personal encounters in this life time, that when shocking events strike our lives we snap into a closer focus on what is important and what is the fluff and chaff that’s clouding our view and our focus.

So Thanksgiving seemed an opportune time, as I took a deep slow breath before heading back into the business world, to reset my focus and priorities for business. I put the next article together for all of us – there’s no reason we need to wait for miserable events to refocus!

I look forward to your thoughts about all of this.

  • http://clecontaclenses.com Rih Bazellle

    This is an uplifting blog post. A focused entrepeneur is often a successful one.

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