Team Building for Small Businesses – Endless Waves of High Payoff Productivity

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High Payoff Teams are one of the best ways to bring endless waves of productivity to your business.

Whether your team consists of a handful of folks, or you have 50 people in different functional areas, when you use these techniques, you won’t be able to stop the productivity if you wanted to.

1. Hire for expertise – One of the greatest mistakes I see small businesses make is pinching their pennies when it comes to bringing on team members. The result is a constant drain on your time and attention as you try to train them in every aspect of what you want them to do.

I recommend you buy ‘the most’ you can rather than ‘the least you can get away with.’ That way you’ll have competence on board to accelerate problem solving and redesigning your business to run better as it grows.

2. Deploy for the challenges you are facing today – Another mistake business owners make is to try to hire for where the company will be ‘someday.’

You are much better off hiring people with experience and a proven track record and asking them to cross train to cover other spots until the business has grown.

3. Leverage other peoples’ experience – Have you caught yourself saying “I’m the only one who really understands my business challenges?” If you hire beginners and spend your time training you’re loosing the opportunity to learn on other people’s dime. That’s the money other business owners spent to build expertise and experience in the person you can hire.

Now is the time to hire people who have been ‘elsewhere’ and gain the insights and ideas and other options that you could use in your business.

Bonus Tip – Productivity is created when you step out of the leader role and into the inquirer role. Spend 20 percent of your time asking others for their ideas and you increase their dedication to making your business run more productively.

The key to creating High Payoff Teams is in unleashing the potential of others on behalf of your own business goals. Reward them with the challenges, the recognition and the appreciation and your business will soar.

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